Single Saturdays: Hanson – Don’t Ever Change (feat. Rick Nielsen)

The American band of brothers Hanson has released a new single entitled Don’t Ever Change, featuring Rick Nielsen. It’s a sweet love story about a man who loves his significant other as they are.

The music is Rock. It has an old-school sound parallel to Rolling Stones (Start It Up) and Queen (I Want It All). The song has a bold shift from Pop to Rock. The guitar is remarkable to hear and has the Rock style of the 70s and 80s, which gives the single a nostalgic touch. Along with the 70s and 80s musical flavours, there’s a modern and edgy touch that works with Hanson’s contemporary musical style. The drums also add another incredible musical layer. The composition is intricate and rich, with a fantastic rhythm that gives the tune a distinct and bold rhythm.

The Hanson Brothers’ voices are incredible and have evolved nicely over the years. They sing with a bold edge along with Rick Nielsen.

Hanson brothers wrote the song. The lyrics are inspirational and sweet. There’s a poetic combination of ABAB and freestyle poetry written in a well-organized manner. The words are from the heart. It’s about acceptance and being yourself through encouragement from the man in love with his significant other. The sentence and title “Don’t Ever Change” is sweet and heartwarming. The repetition of this sentence and the same one but ending in my love emphasizes the man’s love for his significant other. There’s an unusual simile in the line, “You’re hot and cold like a storm, then you just don’t care,” representing the complex and dynamic aspects of the partner’s personality. The song has a “little goes a long way: feel to it.

The single Don’t Ever Change is available.

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