Single Saturdays: Raleigh Keegan – Drink for That

American singer Raleigh Keegan has released a new single entitled Drink for That. The song is about heartbreak and that there’s no drink to mark the occasion of breakups and separations.

The music is Country. The composition is rhythmic, upbeat at times (during the chorus). The guitar in the background is fantastic to hear, with a crisp sound. It sounds as if he’s playing his guitar alone or in a small cozy group of friends, which gives it an intimate feel. The mix of slow and fast is well-structured and nicely balanced. There’s a Garth Brooks vibe with a bold edge to the beat. It’s a combination of classic Country sound combined with a bit of modern touch. The rhythm is wavy and flows smoothly. The music between verses is impressive, with a gradual and gradient pace that works with the song’s vibe. The same applies to the transition between the verses and the chorus. The composition has a fantastic structure.

Raleigh Keegan’s voice is smooth and rich. He expresses his heartbreak in a soulful and profound manner. He sings with heart and feeling.

The lyrics are profound and sometimes nostalgic. The subject of breakups and remembering the good times with a past love is relatable. The words are well-written. The flashbacks have impressive detailing that describes various things, such as the jerseys of a favourite sports team or watching a sunset. The song mentions how there’s no drink for breakups or trying to win back the lost love, which some wish there would be. The rum and coke drink has a personal and symbolic representation to the guy because it reminded the man that it used to be the couple’s favourite drink when they went out. There’s depth to the song and richness to the lyrics. It’s full of raw emotions that express a genuine vulnerability.  

The single Drink for That is available.

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