Single Saturdays: Amr Diab – Etaal

Egyptian Popstar Amr Diab has released a new single entitled Etaal (Less)*. It’s a love story of a man whose love for his significant other is profound; it makes him humble and appreciative.

The music is Arabic pop. Mohamed Madian composed the song with a mix of slow and fast beats- it parallels the styles of DJ Darude’s music. The sound reminds me of what one would hear at dance clubs, pool or beach parties with a 70s Disco vibe. Ahmed Ibrahim arranged the piece with a wavy and smooth structure that’s gradual and transitional. The beat heard in the verses smoothly transition into a faster and upbeat rhythm. The composition is impressive and well-structured.

Amr Diab’s voice is lovely yet bold and rhythmic. He sounds humble and genuine. There’s a softness to his singing that is complementary to the song.

The lyrics are romantic and nostalgic. Tamer Hussein wrote the song with a simple structure, making it easy to follow. The tune has freestyle poetry mixed with the poetic style of ABAB. Freestyle poetry gives the single a smooth flow. There are metaphors complementary to the rich language, including the moon- it represents the purest beauty. The words are well-written and profound through simplicity. The song uses repetition as a technique of emphasis, expressing love and appreciation for his significant other. The richness of the simplistic writing is impressive, which Tamer Hussein captured the song’s essence of love and romance.

The single Etaal is available.

*Translation based on understanding

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