Single Saturdays: Amr Diab – Ahla We Nos

Egyptian artist Amr Diab has a new single entitled Ahla Wa Nos ( Even prettier)*. It’s a love story about a man complimenting his significant other.

The music is Arabic Pop. Mohamed Yehia composed the song with a dance/Summer vibe. The single parallels other Amr Diab songs Wayah and Bahebo, Odam MereythaAna Gheir, and Ya Ana Ya La. Ahmed Ibrahim arranged the tune with a well-structured composition. The instruments heard are the darbakeh, guitar, and kanon that give the song a catchy sound. It combines classical Arabic music with a modern touch. The song has joy and enthusiasm in its music that works with the story.

Amr Diab’s voice is lovely and cheerful. He sings with rhythm and flow. He sounds sweet and passionate at the same time. 

Ayman Bahgat Kamar wrote the song with lovely freestyle poetry. The lyrics are well-written, romantic and sound reassuring. The words flow smoothly, easy to follow. The song is from the heart with sweet compliments. It has a feeling of joy and hope of true love, especially whatever the man says he feels it’s not enough to express his devotion to his significant other and their beauty (inside and out). The repetition is well-done and has an essential role, especially in the chorus. There’s a profound meaning written with precise and concise language, including its simplicity.  

The single Ahla Wa Nos is available.

*based on interpretation and my understanding of Arabic.

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