Single Saturdays: Amr Diab – El Donia Betoro’s

Amr Diab has a new single entitled El Donia Betoro’s (The world is dancing). The song is about celebrating life with a significant other or loved ones.

The music is Arabic Pop. Mohamed Yehia composed the song. It parallels Amr Diab’s other famous hit Wayah (with him), in the beginning, then transition to styles similar to Ne’oul EhYa Ana Ya La, and Allah ala Hobak. The piece starts slow then goes up in tempo at the right speed. It has a Summer vibe, complemented by guitars and tambourines. The single has a catchy sound that works with dancing. The composition is incredible and dynamic in its well-organized structure. The sound is catchy and upbeat. The combination nicely blends Arabic Pop and Dance in a fantastic fusion of musical genres.  

Amr Diab’s voice is rhythmic and in sync with the music. He sounds bold and incredible. He has an impressive vocal range.

The lyrics are romantic, happy and cheerful. Malak Adel wrote the song – a sweet love story full of joy and hope. It marks the celebrations of Summer and warm weather. The tune uses repetition to express love for the significant other cleverly in the verses and the chorus through simplicity but says so much- a little goes a long way. The first paragraph follows the ABAB structure, whereas the second one uses freestyle writing in which all four lines rhyme with one sound. The mix and match writing of this single is well done. The lyrics are flowing smoothly, are catchy and are easy to remember.

The single El Donia Betoro’s is available.

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