Single Saturdays: Chris Mann – Belle’s Post-Pandemic Hell

American singer Chris Mann has released a new parody entitled Belle’s Post-Pandemic Hell. The song talks about the confusing guidelines of whether or not to wear the mask, including California. It’s a reference to The Beauty and The Beast song Belle (More Than Provincial Life)

The music is Pop. The song follows the composition of the original version of the piece The Beauty and The Beast, Belle.  It gives it a nostalgic touch. The rhythm is flowy and has a gradual tempo that nicely goes from slow to fast and vice-versa. The ending also follows the Disney song with the operatic register. Each moment of the tune, there’s a perfectly right tone or intensity reflecting a specific moment. For example, when the village men say to keep the mask, and the women say take it off, vice-versa, the beat goes faster to demonstrate confusion. When Chris Mann sings the verse “Ah Isn’t This Confusing…”, the music is slow, expressing the anxiety about the mask situation. The composition is well-structured and smooth.

Chris Mann has an impressive vocal range in voices, playing the various characters, just like in the original piece. His voice is smooth and rhythmic. He’s expressive in describing the confusion people feel with recent guidelines, including those in California.

The lyrics are funny, clever, and well-written. The song is a reference to  Belle from the movie The Beauty and The Beast. It follows the lyric structure, as well as the poetic rhyming. Instead of describing provincial life and Belle’s peculiar personality, it describes Chris Mann not wearing a mask because he heard the recent guidelines saying it’s optional. The tune also describes contradictory mask rules for the fully vaccinated, including California, through humour, and the confusion is relatable. The comic relief adds a touch of whimsy to the sentiment felt by many. Towards the end, there’s a compliment of Chris Mann’s parodies going viral and at the same time asking if he could sing about something else through clever, self-deprecating humour. The words are catchy and unforgettable, just like hearing a classic Disney tune.

The single Belle’s Post-Pandemic Hell is available.

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