Nancy Ajram’s Dynamic Album Nancy 10

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram has a new album entitled Nancy 10. The themes are love and heartbreak. 

The music is Arabic Pop, mixed with dance and electric. 

The songs with a party vibe are Salamat (Greetings), Hayda Ana (This Is Me), Gayya Maak(Coming with you), Ya Nas Goulouli (oh people tell me), Miye w khamsin (150), Hagat Khousousiya (personal details). There’s a dance feel to it that is cheerful and fun. The record has a Sabah parallel in its musical style and structure, especially the upbeat songs.
There are also romantic ballads: Baddi Hada Hebbou  (I want someone to love), Hobbak Bi Ye’wa (Your Love Gets Stronger), Meshkeltak Alwahidi (Your only problem), Aala Shanak (For You), Yama (according to sources: It’s been a long time)and Hayat(Life)However, two other ballads express heartbreak: Ma Te’tezer (Don’t Apologize) and Aateb w Loum (Reproach and blame)The music in Ma Te’tezer (Don’t Apologize) has an intensity that expresses the woman’s pain in this song.
Here are some examples. The songs have a similar style to Nancy Ajram’s album Nancy 9 (Hassa Beek)where the music combines Arabic Pop and electric. Baddi Hada Hebbou has a similar rhythm to Nancy Ajram’s song Aam Betaala’ Feek (I’m growing more attached to you). It has a lovely twist to the combination that adds a contemporary sound. 
The modern/contemporary touch has a presence in the album. That’s the case with the song Aala Shanak, Hayat and  Hagat Khousousiya. The music is vibrant and bold. It’s an impressive album for Nancy Ajram.

Nancy Ajram’s voice is dynamic, lovely and sweet. She remarkably sings in different dialects (Lebanese, Egyptian, and Gulf/Khaleeji). She captures the emotions and the vibe of each song with precision.

The lyrics are romantic, and some are emotional, expressing heartbreak. The songs also have a similar lyrical style to Nancy Ajram’s album Nancy 9 (Hassa Beek). The words are simplistic but expressive of deep emotions. The pieces are well-written. There’s beautiful freestyle poetry that complements the romantic songs of the album with a natural and smooth flow. An impressive tune is Ma Te’tezer, in which Nancy Ajram sounds assertive, stands up to her partner and ends the toxic relationship. Another heartbreak song is Aateb w Loum (reproach and blame), which has raw emotions. The lyrical style reminds me of the music of the late artists Sabah and Soad Hosny in feeling pampered and being coy. The writers added an impressive depth in the ballads to Nancy Ajram’s recent songs that give them richness, passion and soul. 

The album Nancy 10 is available.

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