Single Saturdays: Tenille Townes – Girl Who Didn’t Care

Canadian singer Tenille Townes has released a new single entitled Girl Who Didn’t Care. The song is about a young woman remembering when she felt confident and herself.

The music is Country. The rhythm is wavy, with an impressive transition from slow to fast. The musicians in this song played incredibly. There’s richness in the music, making it intricate and complementary to the tune’s message. It also represents the journey of life, in this case, a young woman’s. During the verses, the beat of the drum adds depth to the music. The guitar, the main instrument, plays an essential role in the song’s vibe. The composition is impressive and well-structured. 

Tenille Townes’ voice is bold and edgy. She sounds more and more confident as the song progresses. She sings with passion and heart.

The lyrics are empowering for young women, which is inspirational and full of hope. There’s depth in expressing the journey of life as a woman going through challenges and remembering the importance of being true to who we are. The song has excellent freestyle writing with classic poetic rhyming (mix of AABB with a line not rhyming with the others. It also has an inspirational message about remembering the important things in life: being yourself, living life the way you choose and relaxing. The words are well-written and full of strength, confidence and positivity. 

The single Girl Who Didn’t Care is available.

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