Single Saturdays: Ryland James – 3 Purple Hearts

Canadian singer Ryland James has released a new single entitled 3 Purple Hearts. It’s a heartbreaking song about a man whose significant other is having doubts about their relationship.

The music is pop. The song has a smooth rhythm with the sound of the lovely guitar. The composition is incredible in its structure, where the music picks up at the same time as Ryland James’ voice through a steady transition at various moments. The music parallels Sam Smith’s tunes, combined with the style of 90s ballads (i.e. the works of Nsync and Justin Timberlake). It reminds me of Nsync’s This I Promise You. It’s a touching ballad that’s rich and intricate. There’s a beautiful beat that complements the song perfectly. 

Ryland James’s voice is beautiful and soulful. He sings with depth and, in sync with the music-he follows the rhythm. He sounds sweet in expressing his love for his partner.

The lyrics are expressive and from the heart, with a vulnerable touch. The song has a different take on a relationship, demonstrating the complexities/challenges that many couples face. That makes it genuine and profound. The fear and worries are relatable and understandable, especially in the beginning. However, the sense of reassurance from the man’s perspective is heartwarming and touching. The different aspects of a new relationship make the song dynamic and soulful. The words are well-written with lovely poetry through incredible frees freestyle writing. 

The single 3 Purple Hearts is available.

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