Jim Morrison: 50th Anniversary of His Passing

Jim Morrison 1969.JPG

July 3, 1971, marks the 50th of Jim Morrison’s passing. He died at the age of 27, being part of what’s known as the “27 Club.” He was the lead singer of The Doors from 1965-1971- impacting the Rock genre. He left behind an incredible musical legacy. 

Jim Morrison’s musical career started in 1963, two years before the formation of The Doors. The rock began to form when Jim Morrison met Ray Manzarek, both attending the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. John Densmore joined in August 1965. Later that year, Robby Krieger became a member of The Doors. The group has members with backgrounds of musical genres jazz, rock, blues, and folk. The Rock group released their first album, self-titled (The Doors), in 1967. Their final record was L.A. Woman in 1971, the year Jim Morrison died.

Jim Morrison wrote the songs along with his bandmates Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger, John Densmore. Some of their hits include Strange Days, You’re Lost Little Girl, Love Me Two Times, and  Unhappy Girl. 


The Doors (1967) 
Strange Days (1967) 
Waiting for the Sun (1968) 
The Soft Parade (1969) 
Morrison Hotel (1970) 
L.A. Woman (1971)

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