Ali Gatie’s Latest Album The Idea of Her

Iraqi-Canadian singer Ali Gatie has a new album entitled The Idea of Her. The themes are love, heartbreak and life.

The music is Pop mixed with some R&B and Indie Pop. There’s a Drake Vibe throughout the album, especially with the pieces Bigger Person and What If I Told You That I Love You. The blend of musical genres is impressive, rich in rhythm. The record has catchy music with a soulful touch. The piece Do You Believe has a fantastic mix of Pop, R&B and RAP, with a part that parallels Celine Dion’s single, I Drove All Night. The DJ Marshmellow played incredible music in this piece. The song Lie to Me has an impressive composition of fast and slow with smooth transitions from one to the other. Running On My Mind is has a gradient rhythm that works with the song well. Sunrise has a fantastic Summer vibe, which works perfectly for the season. Then the album ends with two ballads, the tunes Helpless (romantic) and The Idea of Her. The range in compositions and rhythms is incredible.

Ali Gatie’s voice is smooth and bold. He has two incredible duets: Tate McRae (Lie To Me) and Ty Dolla $ign (Do You Believe). He captures the essence of each song.

The lyrics sound personal and sometimes romantic. The songs are deep in poetic language. There’s incredible freestyle writing done in a well-written manner that’s easy to follow. Can’t Let You Go has a lovely mix of English with passages of lyrics in Arabic. Impressive! The emotions are raw and palpable, which shows in the songs Stay Up, Lie To Me, and The Idea of Her. The pain and heartbreak are relatable. The Idea of Her is about falling in love with an idea of who a person is instead of who they are, which happens inadvertently. The sweetest songs on the record are What If I told That I Love You and Running In My Mind.  The lyrics are from the heart and soulful. The album also includes metaphors/symbolism, like the piece SunriseHelpless is a song that deals with the everyday situations of new love, such as mixed emotions (excitement and nerves) and adventure. There’s the diverse subject matter that gives the album depth and richness.

The album  The Idea of Her is available.

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