Single Saturdays: Olivier Dion – Rendez-vous

Québecois and Canadian singer Olivier Dion has released a new single entitled Rendez-Vous (Un Appointment). The song is about a man whose significant other hurt him, but he develops the confidence to move on.

The music is French Pop. The song starts slow then phases into a faster speed. The dance beat adds a Summer flavour to the tune that complements the subject of embracing life – a modern sound. The rhythm is wavy, with bold and edgy sounds of the guitar and possibly the percussion. Benny Adam, Lefutur, Ruffsound and Youssef Mamouni composed the single with an impressive rhythm- the song flows naturally. The composition is well-structured and rich in beats and various musical styles. 

Olivier Dion’s voice is husky and smooth. He remarkably changes his tone from sad to cheerful as the song progresses. His vocal style has an incredible depth in this piece.

Benny Adam and Olivier Dion wrote the song. The lyrics are expressive and hopeful. There’s a bold sense of adventure while moving on from heartbreak caused by a partner. It ends on a happy note. The lyrics are well-written and have impressive freestyle writing that works with the song’s vibe. The mix of classic poetic style (i.e. ABAB) with and without rhyming is fantastic and well-structured with rich language.
It’s a unique concept the way the single developed, where a fan found Olivier Dion’s phone and interacted with his friends, including some celebrities. Impressive writing by Benny Adam and Olivier Dion!

The single Rendez-Vous is available.

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