Single Saturdays: Brittany Kennell – Bought the T-Shirt

Brittany Kennell has released a new single entitled Bought the T-Shirt. The song is about moving on from past relationships and living life to the fullest. Brittany Kennell wrote and composed the tune.

The music is Country. The rhythm is upbeat with a catchy beat. The guitar has a rhythmic sound that works well with the song’s message. The composition follows a combination of classic Country music with a modern touch. It’s well-structured with a wavy rhythm and bold change of tempo, representing the possibility to move on after heartbreak and grief- slow to upbeat, done with incredible precision. The song parallels the works of Shania Twain (i.e. Man! I feel like a Woman & Up!) and Faith Hill (i.e. Love is a Sweet Thing), especially in the 90s. The music is impressive and rich in tone and sounds.

Brittany Kennell’s voice is bold and rhythmic. She has a versatile vocal style. She sings with confidence and attitude, moving on from past relationships – living life to the fullest.

The lyrics are empowering and hopeful. The subject of moving on from exes and past relationships is relatable. However, this song has a twist where the woman talks about the mistakes made and learns from them over time. The t-shirt is a symbol of “what’s done is done” and moving on. There’s a sense of confidence that develops throughout the song. The piece inspires one not to give up and lose hope that things will get better- it just takes time. The words are well-written with impressive freestyle writing. 

The single Bought the T-Shirt is available.

Side Note
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