Jonathan Roy’s Latest EP: My Lullaby

Canadian singer Jonathan Roy has released a new EP entitled My Lullaby. The themes are the journey through life, love and heartbreak.

The music is Indie Pop. The guitar in the background has a great sound. There are impressive ballads, some of which have a bold edge, such as the studio version of Keeping Me Alive and Lost. The piece Lights of Los Angeles has a beautiful mix of piano and guitar. It parallels the classic sounds of the early 70s. The compositions are fantastic and rich in melodies and rhythms. The acoustic version of Keeping Me Alive is incredible. 
The song Hate That I Love You has a fantastic variety of rhythms, tones and transitions from fast to slow beats. Leaving with Your Heart has an intense sound that includes a sound similar to snapping of the fingers combined with a stop effect. It works with the intense emotions of anger and heartbreak. The smoothest ballad is Walk Out on Me. It has an impressive piano sound that complements the song nicely. In addition, it has a lovely rhythm. There’s a richness in the music that sets the tone for each piece.

Jonathan Roy’s voice is husky and bold. He has an incredible vocal range going from low/deep to hitting a high note.

a soft or edgy depending on the song

The lyrics are poetic and sometimes romantic. The songs are dynamic and rich in language. Keeping Me Alive has a lyrical edge of a man who’s learning to be his person instead of depending on others. It’s full of confidence and a bold attitude. The fire is an essential metaphor for passion and independence. The EP also takes a tender turn in dealing with life and love. Lost is an inspirational song that starts with a person’s struggle, then it shifts into something positive where a friend helps somebody overcome battles/demons.  Hate That I Love You is an interesting one with mixed feelings of love and hate, especially when there’s a new relationship developing. It’s an impressive poetic piece with the use of freestyle. Leaving with Your Heart has a different take on the break-up due to a betrayal by his partner. However, it expresses raw emotions to which many can relate. There’s also another sentiment of nostalgia, sorrow and love, whether separate or mixed.

An example of this is the song Lights of Los Angeles. It is a beautiful one where a man reminisces about LA and its atmosphere while missing his significant other. It’s both romantic and bittersweet in a well-written combination.

There’s so much depth to this EP with a fantastic range of subject matter with a dynamic perspective.

The EP My Lullaby is available.

Side Note

The song Hate That I Love You has some coarse language.

Listener Discretion is Advised.

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