Brett Young’s Latest EP – Full of Love and Hope

Weekends Look A Little Different These Days

American singer Brett Young has a new album entitled Weekends Look A Little Different These Days. The themes are life during Covid-19, family, and love.

The music is Country. The guitar, a classic choice of instrument in Country music, is fantastic to hear and rich in bold sound. There are four great ballads Weekends Look a Little Different These Days, Lady, Not Yet, and You Didn’t.  The song Weekends Look a Little Different These Days has a wavy but slow beat that reflects the mood of life during the COVID-19 pandemic. Then it smoothly increases in tempo to show a sense of hope. Another example is the tune Lady has a sweet rhythm that complements a father’s love for his child. 

Also, there are upbeat songs This, Dear Me, Leave Me Alone, and You Got Away with It. The piece This has a beat that sounds cheerful. Dear Me is incredible that it starts slowly then gradually goes up to slow again, through a smooth transition. Leave Me Alone has epic music that reflects the strength and courage of the man who’s moving on from a failed relationship.

The range of musical tones and rhythms is impressive. 

Brett Young’s voice is husky and smooth. It’s rich in rhythm and style. He sings from the heart, with heart and soul, especially when he talks about his family.

The lyrics are personal, and at times romantic. That includes stories of life during the Covid-19 pandemic and the birth of Brett Young’s daughter. The storytelling throughout the EP adds depth and richness to it. The song Weekends Look a Little Different These Days is a relatable one because with the pandemic changing plans for everyone. The tune Lady is a lovely ode to Brett Young’s wife and daughter, in this case, his first child.  Dear Me is the most profound piece where the man has a message (to himself) to keep going and never give up on the journey. The words are poetic and heartwarming. The song Leave Me Alone is an empowering one where the man moves on from the woman he cared about who hurt him. It shows not to lose hope and that things get better. The most heartbreaking piece is You Didn’t, which is about a one-sided love that is the most challenging kind. However, the man in this story is understanding and respectful of that. This kind of vulnerability is rare, which is a contrast to other songs about heartbreak. 

An optimistic piece is You Got Away with It that is cute and humorous in how falling in love feels like someone “stole” your heart but can do nothing about it.   The record may have eight songs, but the EP is profound and touching, full of heart and soul.

The EP Weekends Look a Little Different These Days is available.

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