Single Saturdays: Nancy Ajram – Mishkaltak Al Wahidi

Nancy Ajram has released another single, Mishkaltak Al Wahidi (Your only problem). It’s a sweet love story where she tells her significant other that she’s his only “problem.”

The music is Arabic Pop. Ayman Komayha composed the song magnificently with a fantastic rhythm and flow. It parallels Nancy Ajram’s other hits Ehsas Jedeed (A new feeling), and W bikoun jayyi wa daak (I’m coming to say goodbye). Bassem Rizk arranged the piece as a lovely smooth ballad. The piano in the background is complementary to the song with its rhythm and flow. The classical music adds a beautiful touch to the music and complements the romantic and sweet vibe. Then it goes to an incredible Pop sound in the chorus with a rhythmic change in beat and back to a mix of classical and modern. The composition is impressive in combining two styles of music to convey love.

Nancy Ajram has a soft and beautiful voice. She sounds bold yet soulful. She sings with grace and style, capturing the song’s essence and meaning.

The lyrics are romantic and poetic. Ali Al Mawla wrote the song with a simplistic but expressive structure in a short piece. It has a little goes a long way style. The verses are two lines, and the chorus is four. The rhyming has a classic style of poetry with the AABB arrangement. The use of repetition is well-written with a purpose and emphasis on the true love the couple feels for each other. The first line is cute because the woman being the only problem that her significant other can’t fix represents that there’s always something to look forward to and discover each day. It’s beautiful how something seen as negative (a problem) turns into a positive.

The single Mishkaltak Al Wahidi is available.

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