Single Saturdays: Nancy Ajram – Hobbak Bi Ye’wa

Lebanese artist Nancy Ajram has released a new single entitled Hobbak Bi Ye’wa (your love gets stronger). It’s about a growing love story from the woman’s perspective. 

The music is Arabic Pop. Waleed Saad composed the song with an incredible rhythm, a mix of classical music and modern sounds. It starts slow with the melody of a guitar, and then the tempo increases smoothly with the lovely sounds of the darbakeh and tambourine. The song has a sound that inspires one to get up and dance in a cozy setting. Hany Yaacoub arranged the piece with precision in the transition of the music and beat. There’s a modern twist of dance/electric beats between verses. The mix of musical beats is remarkable and smoothly changes from one to another. The composition is fantastic and well-structured.

Nancy Ajram’s voice is wavy with precise rhythm. Her vocal style parallels that of the late Sabah. She sounds sweet and cheerful.

The lyrics are romantic and sweet. Khaled Tag Eldine wrote the song with impressive freestyle writing and a unique rhyming structure of AABA. The words are from the heart in a well-written structure that makes the tune easy to follow. The chorus consists of two lines but says so much about the love between two people from the women’s perspective. The rest of the song has paragraphs of four lines except for the beginning. The rhyming style is impressive, either within the same sentence or three out of four lines rhyming with the same sound. Freestyle writing works well with the song’s relaxed and happy vibe.

The single Hobbak Bi Ye’wa is available.

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