Soad Hosny: 20th Anniversary of Her Passing

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June 21, 2021, marks the 20th Anniversary of Soad Hosny’s passing. She was a well-known Egyptian actress and singer. She came from an artistic family, including her half-sister Nagat El-Saghirah (a singer and actress) and Ezz Eddin Hosni (a music composer). In addition, Soad Hosny was the daughter of a Syrian-born Calligrapher of Kurdish origin.

Soad Hosny’s career started at the age of three as a singer for a Radio Show. Her acting began in 1959, according to sources, and ending in her retiring in 1991 due to health issues. She had so many famous roles, including Zouzou in Khali Balak Min Zouzou (Watch out for Zouzou) – singing her renowned hits Ya Wad Ya Teqeel (You’re a difficult man) and the song with the same title as the movie. Her filmography spans over 80 films in her 32 years of acting. Also, she acted in one TV series entitled Howa wa Heyya (He and She). That TV show had a fantastic soundtrack of catchy songs. Soad Hosny was versatile as an actress/singer, especially in romantic comedies – her acting career was impressive. 

Side Note
Soad Hosny was married quite a few times, including renowned Egyptian singer Abdel Halim Hafez. Her last marriage was to Maher Awad before her passing in 2001.

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