Single Saturdays: Yara – Ala Makchouf

Lebanese singer Yara has released a new single entitled Ala Makchouf (For the world to see). It’s a song where a woman treats love like a game.

The music is Arabic Pop. Dr. Talal composed the song with a catchy sound following the musical style of the Gulf region. 

The musicians played their instruments nicely (the darbakeh, tambourine, kanon, etc.). There’s a fantastic dance beat to the tune. The music is rhythmic and bold, rich in the musical vibes of the gulf region. It has a mix of traditional Arabic/Gulf music with a modern touch beautifully composed together. Zeid Nadim arranged the single with style and flair. The upbeat sound is happy and cheerful to hear. The composition is flowy and wavy, with incredible tempo changes and transitions.

Yara’s voice is impressive and rhythmic. She did an excellent job singing in the Gulf (Khaleeji) dialect. She sounds bold and edgy.

The lyrics are poetic and romantic. Khaled Al Marikhy wrote the song in well-written prose that flows smoothly. The piece is cheerful and sweet. The metaphors are fantastic and work well with the tune. The bird and wings represent the endless possibilities in exploring love and the adventure of life. It is rich in language. The game the woman plays regarding love is done for the world to see. She’s not hiding or denying it. The message of playing with the fire of love demonstrates how it’s not wise to do because true love will win (my interpretation). Freestyle writing works nicely with the subject matter of the song.

The single  Ala Makchouf is available.

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