Julien Clerc’s Latest Album Terrien

French singer Julien Clerc has released a new album entitled Terrien (Earthly or down to earth). The themes are love/romance and French/European culture.

The music is French Pop. Some of it parallels French music from the 60s and 70s that gives the record a nostalgic touch. The music is fantastic and impressive- the album has bold sounds. That’s especially the case with the piano performances on Disc two (The Collector Edition). There are six songs of live performances with Julien Clerc playing the piano. The acoustics are excellent with quality sound. La rose et le bourdon maquette voix piano parallelled Queen’s performance at Live Aid when Freddie Mercury performed Bohemian Rhapsody with the piano. The piece Terrien has a bold operatic sound that reminds me of Joe Dasin’s Et si tu n’existais pas (If you didn’t exist). What’s most impressive is the modern music of Brexit. It parallels Michael Bublé’s Haven’t Met You Yet. The band is incredible throughout the album. The compositions are rich in musical tonalities and full of rhythm.

Julien Clerc’s voice is rhythmic and bold. He sounds fantastic in each song. He sings with heart, passion and compassion, especially with pieces covering the delicate subject matter.

The lyrics are poetic and sometimes romantic. Some are joyful, while others are impactful and intense. There are intelligent cultural references within each song that tells a relatable story. However, there are songs less cheerful but have an important message behind them. The first example, Mon Refuge (My refuge), is a romantic song full of love and joy. It inspires one to dream about travelling someday when it’s doable. A tune full of cheer is Mademoiselle, referring to French culture and history with a sentimental/romantic flair. La rose et le bourdon (The rose and the bumblebee), a first example, is a heartbreaking piece that talks about the issues regarding the environment/climate. It’s a thought-provoking song that has a profound impact.

A second example is Brexit, a symbolic tune. It refers to the UK leaving the EU, but it also represents a relationship that ended and that one has to accept it. La Jeune Fille en Flamme (The young girl on fire) is a sad song with positivity that covers resilience following adversity. The album overall is rich in imagery and language. The words are well-written with intricate detail and thought. 

The album Terrien is available.

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