Single Saturdays: Nicola Ciccone – Le Retour Des Beaux Jours

Canadian singer Nicola Ciccone has released a new single entitled Le Retour Des Beaux Jours (The return of brighter days). It’s about life phasing back to normal during the Summer, where outdoor gatherings are allowed (within the regional guidelines). Nicola Ciccone wrote and composed the song.

The music is Pop/French Pop. The guitar starts the song on a cheerful note that gives it an upbeat sound. The gradual increase in tempo reminds me of the suspense and excitement felt by so many after the cold days of Winter. It has a wavy parallel to his other singles Inconditionel (Unconditional) and Marjolaine Bonjour. as well as Sourire (smile) and Le Long Chemin (the long path) The composition is marvellous, which has a great transition in rhythm from slow to fast after the third verse. The music is catchy and makes one want to get up and dance. The song has a beat that potentially could be a Summer Hit. Nicola Ciccone captures the vibe with a lovely mix of upbeat rhythms and tempos.  

Nicola Ciccone’s voice is soft and husky. He sounds rhythmic and bold in his singing style. He sings with heart & soul.

The lyrics are poetic and well-written. The song has impressive rhyming (classic ABAB and four lines with the same sound). It’s a tune celebrating warm weather/sunny and outdoor gatherings with loved ones (within the guidelines, of course). The song is relatable because of the lockdown. That was when we could only see loved ones virtually. However, don’t forget to keep social distance and wear masks – follow your local guidelines. There’s joy and excitement about seeing family and friends during the Summer season face to face again. The song inspires a sense of hope and happiness that we’re getting back into normalcy soon. It reminds us to re-learn how to live again and gradually back into the swing of things. There’s a romantic touch to the piece where he tells someone to be near his heart to keep them warm (“Et colle-toi à mon cœur; Pour te réchauffer”). It also talks about how we earned the Summer fun. Many of us looked forward after the long confinement. The tune has a positive, optimistic and joyful message to appreciate the warm season and Summer heat.

The single Le Retour Des Beaux Jours is available.

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