The Tragically Hip’s Latest EP – Saskdelphia – Unreleased Material

The Canadian group, The Tragically Hip, has released a new EP entitled Saskadelphia. The record has unreleased material that the band had for many years. Also, it’s the first EP/album that The Tragically Hip released since Gord Downie’s passing.

The music is Rock. There’s a nostalgic feel to it because the songs were initially supposed to come out during releases of various albums. The guitar is incredible to hear through the EP. Yet, the music on this record sounds as though it came out today instead of unreleased works throughout many years. The Tragically Hip’s work is timeless. The piece Reformed Baptist Blues has a bold musical edge that is a trademark to the Rock group. The guitar in this song is epic to listen to, full of passion. The tunes have a fantastic variety in tones and rhythms.

It felt nice to hear Gord Downie’s voice again. I grew up listening to the music of The Tragically Hip. His voice is timeless and distinct. He had a bold sound. May he rest in peace.

The lyrics are poetic and profound. The songs have a personal element to them, especially the piece Montreal, which mentions the tragedy of Polytechnique. It was a small way to comfort listeners in coping with such a devasting time in Canadian History. The raw emotions give the record an incredible edge, especially the songs Ouch and Crack My Spine Like A Whip. The Canadian references give the EP a lovely personal touch to the storytelling component of each tune. The lyrics are well-written and rich in language and culture.  

The EP Saskadelphia is available. 

Side Note: Congratulations to The Tragically Hip for winning the Humanitarian Award at the Juno Awards 2021.

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