Beyries ‘ Latest EP To Love Somebody

Canadian singer Beyries has released a new EP entitled To Love Somebody. The themes are love and the journey through life.

The music is Folk, mixed with Alternative. There’s the 60s/70s vibe to the EP that gives it a nostalgic feel. The four songs of the record have a soothing and relaxing beat. These ballads have an incredible rhythm to them. The guitar is fantastic to hear, and in this case, it sounds as if it were in a cozy setting, chilling with friends. The compositions are impressive and complementary to the songs’ individual stories. The music of the pieces flows smoothly and with intricate rhythms and tonalities.

Beyries’ voice is bold and smooth. She sings with grace and style. She did an excellent with the cover of To Love Somebody by the Bee Gees. Her vocal style parallels Sheryl Crow and Evanescence’s lead singer Amy Lee.

The lyrics are poetic and profound. The EP expresses the challenges of love and everyday life.

-Out of Touch is a heartwarming song full of hope about love, especially the true and pure kind. The words are well-written, rich in feeling. The use of freestyle poetry works nicely with this tune as it complements the journey vibe.

-Closely is about grief and heartache. The use of repetition represents the sense that every day feels the same and life feels stagnant. The simplicity is perfectly suitable for this song.

-Into You is a romantic fantasy with moments of worry about the future. The feeling is understandable and genuinely expressed through impressive imagery. “Being Lost” in someone represents how love for someone matters most and nothing else. Sometimes, one may think that this kind of love is an illusion because of how profound it can be. It’s poetic and child-like, which makes this song genuine and pure.

The lyrics for these songs are rich and intricate. There’s a journey through stages of love and life that is remarkable throughout this EP.

The EP To Love Somebody is available.

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