Sally Folk- Ô Psychologue: A Reflective Album

Canadian singer Sally Folk has released a new album entitled Ô Psychologue (Oh psychologist)The themes are mental health, grief, and relationship challenges/struggles. 

The music is a combination of French Pop, electro and alternative rock. The blend of musical genres is impressive. The range goes from slow (like a ballad) to fast-paced (dance). The first example is  Le Regard des Hommes (The way men look at me) with a Bon Jovi vibe. The compositions are rich in rhythm and beats.   Les Amourettes (The flings/ brief relationships) and Ô Psychologue have a 60s vibe that gives them a nostalgic touch, paralleling the Beatles. Each song has a music/composition that suits its subject matter well. Attendu Pour Souper is a ballad that has an intensity reflecting the heartbreak. The production of the record is fantastic. The sound throughout the album is catchy.

Sally Folk’s voice is versatile and bold. She captures the essence of each song. She knows how to convey the emotion(s) with incredible precision.

The lyrics are expressive and profound- there’s a wide variety of emotions, including sadness and humour. Each song has metaphors/symbols that explain the story and mood. Sally Folk has personal stories to the album, such as Le Regard des Hommes and Les Clés (The Keys). The tune Le Regard des Hommes is empowering and relatable about listening to your inner voice and not care what others think, in this case, men. The piece Les Clés talks about her miscarriage after six months of pregnancy and the struggles that followed- covering the topic delicately. The sense of vulnerability is also relatable and gives the album an exciting edge compared to most albums that primarily cover love and heartbreak- with the help of the complex dynamics. À Nu (Being Nude) symbolizes showing oneself as we are, demonstrating authenticity and being true to who we are. The poetry has relatable, raw emotions that make this record genuine. 

Side Note

The song Pot de Miel has explicit lyrics and mature subject matter not suited for young listeners. Listener Discretion Advised

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