Single Saturdays: Sally Folk – Que Diable M’emporte

Canadian singer Sally Folk has released a new single entitled Que Diable M’emporte (That the Devil takes me). The song is about a girl struggling in her relationship, dealing with an “emotional separation” from her significant other.

The music is French Pop. The intense beat is expressive of the subject matter regarding relationships and the obstacles couples face. The rhythmic changes impressively represent the emotional struggles and distress the woman is feeling. It parallels Fastball’s single The Way and the French music from the 70s, such as the songs by the late France Gall: Laisse Tomber Les Filles (forget about the girls) and Ella Elle L’a (Ella has got it). The composition is intricate and fantastic in its mix of musical styles (Pop and Folk).  

Sally Folk’s voice is bold and rhythmic. She sounds expressive in her vulnerability regarding the obstacles of her relationships. She captures the emotions that many may feel during challenging times in life.

The lyrics are honest and vulnerable- they express raw emotions in great depth and understanding. The subject of relationship challenges contrasts with talking about breakups/separations/heartbreak, covered extensively. There’s incredible freestyle poetry, combined with ABBA and ABAB rhyming styles in paragraphs between four to five lines. The words are well-written, rich in language and feeling. The sense of uncertainty feels real and relatable to those going through something similar.  

The single Que Diable M’emporte is available

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