Single Saturdays: Half Moon Run- 2 Songs: On & On and How Come My Body

ow Come My Body has a slower beat with some faster parts. Both tunes are well-structured in the arrangements.

The members’ voices are husky and rhythmic. They sing from the heart. 

Lead vocalist Devon Portielj has an incredible sound that is bold. Conner Molander and Dylan Phillips sing as backup singers remarkably.

The lyrics are profound and contemplative. There’s a fantastic simplicity to the words. On & On and How Come My Body- the two songs are rich in language and metaphors. 

  • – On & On 
    The lyrics are impressive in how simplistic it is. The song talks about every day is unique. The words “It’s One and Gone” represent that no two days or moments are the same. The piece is subject to interpretation, which as the listener to draw one’s conclusion.
  • – How Come My Body 
    The lyrics are engaging in the structure as it’s a song that talks in questions. The poetry in prose is a bold idea complementary to freestyle writing that flows naturally. It expresses the questions we ask ourselves about life and who we are clearly.

   These are unforgettable songs rich in imagery and poetry. These pieces express so much with simplistic language.

The singles On & On and How Come My Body are available.

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