First Album Fridays: Leslie Jordan – Company’s Comin’

American actor and singer Leslie Jordan has released his first album entitled Company’s Comin’. The theme is the covers of Gospel songs.

The music is Country and Gospel. There’s a modern sound to these Gospel classics. The album is rhythmic, and it includes lovely interludes between songs. The guitar and the piano add a nice touch to the Gospel music. The vibe is joyful and unifying, which this genre of music inspires as well as gives hope. The intricate compositions are impressive. The Country music heard on this album genuinely honours the Gospel songs, especially knowing the importance of going to Church in the Southern culture.

Leslie Jordan’s voice is cheerful and enthusiastic. He has fantastic duets with various artists, from Dolly Parton to Chris Stapleton. Their vocal styles blend, complementing each other nicely. The group of singers honours Gospel music well. They all sing from the heart, with a lovely Southern Hospitality. The interludes are complementary to the songs of this record and make fantastic segues to the next song. They may be brief, but they a lovely musical flavour to this Country and Gospel album. There’s a sense of unity between the artists as they sing classic Gospel songs.

The album Company’s Comin’ is available. 

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