Single Saturdays: Robby Johnson – Night Like This

Canadian-American singer Robby Johnson has released a new single entitled Night Like This. It’s a love song about a relationship that starts with love at first sight to potentially developing into something serious. He wrote, composed and produced this lovely piece. 

The music is Country. The song starts with slow music, and then it gradually increases in tempo. There’s excellent rhythm and beat with a bold sound. The composition is fantastic that has a Garth Brooks parallel.

The music is upbeat after the increase in tempo that is catchy and memorable. It complements the song’s romantic vibe. The guitar in the background adds a lovely layer to the tune. 

Robby Johnson’s is beautiful and husky. He sings with enthusiasm and passion. He captures the essence of love and romance in his singing this lovely piece.

The lyrics are romantic and from the heart. There are references to the 4th of July as a setting for a romantic evening. It’s a love story full of hope and positivity about finding love and happiness. The words are well-written. There’s remarkable freestyle poetry that gives the song a lovely and natural flow. The references to Country music and life in Nashville add a nice personal touch to it, including the mention of a jukebox – nostalgic touch. The man honours the woman he loves with the sentence “You wake up in the morning- with fire in your eyes”- it shows the love and praise for her. There’s such incredible depth to this song with all these little details.

The single Night Like This is available.

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