Single Saturdays: Chris Mann – Moderna In My Veins

American singer Chris Mann has released a new parody entitled Moderna In My Veins. It’s about a guy who has both doses of the Moderna vaccine and is excited to resume normalcy (or something close to it). It’s a parody of Adele’s Set Fire to the Rain.

The music is Pop. It has the same structure as the original song and follows the tonalities remarkably. The composition is well-structured and wavy. The sound is upbeat and bold, with a flowy rhythm that works well with the lyrics. The music gradually increases in tempo, heading up to the chorus of the parody smoothly. The fast pace of the chorus positively represents the excitement of being vaccinated and the hope to resume normalcy. 

Chris Mann’s incredible vocal range is fantastic in this parody. He has a mix of his vocal style mixed with that of Adele’s. He sounds rhythmic and genuine in his excitement about being vaccinated and looking forward to going back to eating out.

The lyrics are well-written. The song follows the same lyric structure as Adele’s hit Set Fire to Rain in a perfect fashion. It has humour and hope combined, giving the tune an interesting dynamic. The words are simplistic but expressive of the life people look forward to after COVID. That includes eating out at a restaurant after cooking at home for so long- the sentiment of being fed up with it is hilarious. It also references quarantine life and vaccinations, such as binge-watching and waiting in line for hours, respectively. This tune cheers you when you feel down during this pandemic. The silver lining is almost here.

The single Moderna In My Veins is available.

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