Thomas Rhett’s Latest Album Country Again Side A

American singer Thomas Rhett has released a new album entitled Country Again Side A. The themes are Love and the journey through life.

The music is Country. Thomas Rhett plays the guitar beautifully, including in the song More Time Fishin’ and Country Again. The album’s vibe is cozy and intimate, sounding like a performance at home by the fire. There are beautiful ballads, such as Heaven Right Now and To The Guys That Date My Girls. There are impressive parallels to Reba, Dolly Parton, Tim McGraw’s works, where the music has a combination of old-school Country with a contemporary sound. The beats are catchy, especially pieces like Growing Up and What’s Your Country Song. The compositions are incredible, rich in rhythm and structure, both in tune with the songs’ mood and vibe. 

Thomas Rhett’s voice is silky and husky, combined harmoniously. He sounds bold and edgy. He sings from the heart, especially with songs like Growing Up, Heaven Right Now and To The Guys That Date My Girls.

The lyrics are poetic and some romantic. Thomas Rhett has a personal element to his songs by sharing his personal stories. There’s incredible precision in the stories, including references to Country music, southern lifestyle and Tennessee (Thomas Rhett’s home state). The words are from the heart. The piece Heaven Right Now is relatable in subject matter that pays tribute to a friend who passed away. It’s a bittersweet song dealing with grief but also remembering the good times. There are also joyous songs like More Time Fishin’, What’s Your Country Song.  The tune The Guys That Date My Girls is heartwarming and touching- about a loving father asking future men who will someday date his daughters to respect them and treat them well. It’s a relatable message that many men can understand. The album is diverse in subject matter, and Thomas Rhett delivers in giving depth to each song.

The album Country Again Side A is available.

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