Single Saturdays: Nancy Ajram – Ma Tehkom A’a Hada

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram has released a single entitled Ma Tehkom A’a Hada (Don’t pass judgement on anyone). The song tells the story about victims’ pain and how not to judge anyone without knowing all the facts.

The music is Arabic Pop. Nabil Ajram composed the song remarkably. It starts with an intense symphonic sound to express the intensity of the song. Then it calms to a slower pace to smoothly transition to a slightly faster tempo. The piano is The composition is intricately well-structured with the fantastic arrangements by Bassem Rizk. It’s a ballad that has a perfect rhythm.

Nancy Ajram’s voice is fantastic. She sings with compassion and heart. She sounds understanding and respectful regarding a delicate subject like grief and pain.

The lyrics are well-written and cover the subjects of grief and pain. Mounir Abou Assaf wrote the song with lovely freestyle poetry. There’s raw emotion in this piece. It teaches people not to judge and jump to conclusions about what others are going through. The lesson to take from it is to show compassion and understanding, which this tune does well. 

The single  Ma Tehkom A’a Hada is available.

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