Single Saturdays: Gizelle De Guzman – Almost Home

Canadian singer Gizelle De Guzman has released a new single entitled Almost Home. The song is about coming home after being away for a while from a long journey.

The music is Country. The guitar, played by Gizelle de Guzman, is complementary to the song. The song has a Sheryl Crow/Faith Hill vibe in the musical style. It has a road trip feel to it where the rhythm is flowy and laid back. The sound is catchy and bold. The song’s pace has an excellent tempo that gradually increases from the verse to the chorus and vice-versa in a smooth fashion. The composition is fantastic and easy to follow with a lovely beat.  

Gizelle de Guzman’s voice is impressive and bold. She sounds upbeat and full of enthusiasm and hope. She has confidence in her singing.

The lyrics are beautiful and heartfelt. The song covers the subjects of self-discovery and coming home from a long journey (both literally and metaphorically) in great depth. It teaches an essential lesson about appreciating what you have and those you love, especially when you have been out of town for a while. There’s positivity in this piece that adds an inspirational message to it. The song has multiple layers of meaning. The use of freestyle poetry suits the song’s vibe nicely and complements the flowy structure of the lyrics. 

The single Almost Home is available. 

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