Norah Jones’ Live Album: ‘Til We Meet Again

American singer Norah Jones has released a live performance album entitled ‘Til We Meet Again (Live). It consists of various performances from 2017 to 2019 of her classic hits, including Don’t Know Why

The music is Pop, with some Jazz. Hearing the musicians play their instruments (i.e. the guitar, the cello, etc.) and Norah Jones playing the piano is a pleasure to listen to – with a crisp sound. The album’s concert vibe adds a nostalgic touch. It reminds me of the days of going to a show with family and friends. The rhythm is impressive and flows naturally for each song on the record. The sound quality is fantastic as though I were attending the concert. It feels cozy and intimate. With these songs being live performances, we hear more musical sequences, rich in tones and rhythm. It adds a lovely layer to the album. The music complements Norah Jones’s voice nicely while also standing in its solo moments.

Norah Jones’s voice is incredible and bold. She has a fantastic vocal range that she adapts for her live performances recorded on the album. She sings from the heart. Hearing the audience cheering adds a layer to the cozy and intimate feel of each song. Her husky voice is edgy, rich in rhythm and style. She captures the essence of each piece in these live performances of her songs with her focus and attention to the musical notes.

The album Til We Meet Again (Live) is available.

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