Single Saturdays: Carole Samaha – Elli Khan

Lebanese singer Carole Samaha has released a new single entitled Elli Khann (Those who cheat) for the Arabic TV series entitled Dudd al-Kasser (against the breakage). The song expresses the story of people victims of betrayal. 

The music is Arabic Pop. Ahmad El-Adl composed the song with a bold intensity that expresses anger and frustration in the face of betrayal. The rhythm has an impressive structure where it goes up and down, representing the ups and downs of grief. The guitar has a short-term sound at a fast pace with a stop effect. The team of musicians did a fantastic job playing in sync with one another. The piano adds a bold touch to the song’s intense rhythm. The composition is incredible, full of bold twists and turns.

Carole Samaha’s voice is powerful and passionate. She hits the high notes at a perfect moment throughout the song. She sounds bold and confident – singing with attitude and style.

The lyrics are full of passion and courage. Medhat El-Adl wrote the song with great emotion. The tune complements the vibe of the Arabic soap opera Dudd al-Kasser. It expresses a pain that many can relate to through profound anger and heartache. When one feels betrayed, it feels like one’s world is crumbling around us, which the song coveys remarkably. The sense of confusion is straightforward and understandable when one thinks the partner was a decent man but turns out to be the opposite. The words are well-written with freestyle poetry and rhyming.

The single Elli Khann is available.

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