Ruff Endz’s Latest Album Rebirth

American duo Ruff Endz has released a new album entitled Rebirth. The themes are love and life.

The music is R&B/Soul. The album has an impressive mix of old-school and modern. The old-school aspect of the music parallels the R&B sounds of the 90s, such as Boyz II Men, P Diddy and All 4 One. It gives the record a nostalgic feel – a 90s vibe. The sound of each song is catchy and bold. The songs Party over Here and All of My Love have a romantic Summer vibe. Some other pieces have a balanced combination of fast and slow, such as Running In My Mind and Be The One. The song, Only One I see, parallels a classic hit by Boys II Men, End of the Road. The compositions are beautifully well-structured and rich in tonalities and rhythm.

Dante “Chi” Jordan and David “Davinch” Chance’s voices are fantastic, complementing each other’s sounds. They sing with a bold vocal style, parallel to that of Stevie Wonder. Their duet with Krayzie Bone in the piece Your Body is impressive.

The lyrics are well-written and expressive. There’s incredible freestyle poetry that flows naturally. The simplicity of the tunes is impressive, and each one speaks volumes of what’s going on. The words are romantic or sad, depending on a song’s subject. The romance is the primary theme found in the following tunes Party over Here, All of My LoveHopeless, Overnight, Your Body, Slow, and Only One I see. The love is genuinely present and profoundly felt through fantastic freestyle poetry. There’s also the topic of heartache and breakups. For example, the song Congratulations is a bittersweet song that expresses a man’s heartbreak and his acceptance to finally move on with his life while wishing his ex well. Some tunes cover heartbreak, as is the case with the piece Sorry, which is profound in expressing genuine apologies. The use of repetition is incredible. The songs cover the subjects of love, romance, and heartbreak with finesse; just many R&B tunes cover them. The lyrics are intricate and rich in language.

The album Rebirth is available.

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