Jean-Pierre Ferland’s Album of Collaboration

Je n’veux pas dormir ce soir

Canadian and Quebec singer Jean-Pierre Ferland has released a new album entitled Je n’veux pas dormir ce soir (I don’t want to sleep tonight). The themes are love, life, and heartbreak.

The music is French Pop and Classical. The album has a lovely sound of the piano and the guitar. It starts with a musical piece, which sets the tone for the record’s calming vibe. The compositions are beautifully structured and rhythmic- the music is soothing and smooth. Some songs only have music, which is a pleasant surprise after hearing singing. The record has an impressive mix of musical genres, including an old-school touch. The musicians featured did an excellent job playing their instruments. The first example is Un peu plus haut, un peu plus loin (a little higher, a little further), featuring Florence K, with the piano playing.  Je reviens chez nous (I’m coming home) has a lovely sound of the guitar, played by 2Frères. Une Chance Qu’on S’a (Good thing we have each other) has a choir in the background that complements the message of solidarity nicely. It parallels French singer Michel Sardou’s En Chantant (by singing), but with a slightly faster tempo. The album also has similar music styles to those classic hits by Sylvie Vartan and the late Claude François. There’s a fantastic mix of Classic French and Quebec music.

Jean-Pierre Ferland’s voice is husky and smooth. He has a great rhythm in his singing. There are two impressive songs where an artist performed remarkably in the backdrop or with Jean-Pierre Ferland. The first example is Le Petit Roi (The little king), featuring Mélissa Bédard (singing beautifully in the background) and Tony Levin. It is a touching piece where their vocal styles complement one another. The second one is Avant de m’assagir, featuring Gilles Vigneault, where the legendary singers perform in spoken word. The dynamic is incredible. The performances are full of heart, soul and passion.

The lyrics are romantic and poetic. The album parallels classic French songs in structural style and subject matter The first example is Je Reviens Chez Nous parallels Michel Sardou’s En Chantant (by singing) in music and lyrical structure. The stories are well-written and rich in language. There’s so much depth in the songs. They sound like they could be tunes for various types of movies. The emotions are raw and genuine- the songs are from the heart.  Si Je Savais Parler Aux Femmes (If I knew how to speak to women) is profound, and from the heart, in expressing struggles, men may have in speaking to the women.  Maman ton fils passe un mauvais moment (Mother, your son is having a hard time) is about a mother’s son dealing with everyday life challenges. There’s an impressive range of subject matter from love to living life. 

The album Je n’veux pas dormir ce soir is available.

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