Single Saturdays: The Kiffness Evergreen

South African group The Kiffness has a new parody out entitled Evergreen. The song is about the Ever Given ship stuck at the Suez Canal in Egypt for over a week. It’s a reference to the Folk song entitled Wellerman by the British group The Longest Johns, also cover by British artist Nathan Evans on Tik Tok.

The music is Folk. The piece Evergreen follows the rhythm of the original song. The “knocking” sound of the hand on the table is a nice homage to both the original and the Tik Tok versions of Wellerman. The sound is catchy with an impressive composition. The Kiffness is fantastic at following the music and rhythm of the original version. He added intelligently performed with an acoustic touch.  

David Scott’s voice is rhythmic and bold. He sings smoothly and follows the vocal style of Wellerman. He has a deep voice that parallels the accent of old-fashioned.

The lyrics are simplistic and well-written. The song is brief but concise, telling the story of the boat Ever Given that made news for over a week. It’s relevant and clever. The humour used in this tune provides some comic relief, especially with the mention of Amazon package. The “lie lie la lie” refers to the “da da da…” from  Wellerman. It’s impressive how the lyrical structure of the parody follows the one from the original version perfectly.

The single Evergreen is available.

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