Single Saturdays: Haidy Moussa – Tesd’a W Ta’men Bellah

Egyptian singer Haidy Moussa has a new single entitled Tesd’a W Ta’men Bellah (Do you believe in God). The song is about a woman’s life after breaking up with her significant other.

The music is Arabic Pop. Alaa El Rawey composed the song with great rhythm. There’s a fantastic musical team playing the instruments, who are the following: Mostafa Nasr (guitar), Walid Hassan (kanon), Nader Magdy (clarinet), and Hesham Mostafa (strings). Jezo mixed and mastered the piece remarkably. The music is a mix of classic and modern sounds with a wavy rhythm. The composition is beautifully structured and flows smoothly. The slow pace of the song helps keep the focus on the story well. 

Haidy Moussa’s voice is edgy and rhythmic. She expresses her heartbreak and anger well in her singing. She sings with passion and has a versatile vocal style.

The lyrics are relatable and expressive. The song expresses raw emotions with depth and passion. The words are well-written with two poetic structures: ABAB and freestyle writing, following a natural flow. It starts with heartbreak, then moves on the woman’s self-esteem getting stronger. There’s also a sense of confidence in finally moving on from a bad relationship and becoming free. Ehab Abd Elazem captures what the subject feels with precision and respect. The lyrics follow the rhythm and vibe of the song impressively.

The single Tesd’a W Ta’men Bellah is available.

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