Étienne Drapeau’s Heartwarming Album Le Pont

Canadian and Quebec singer Étienne Drapeau has released a new album entitled Le Pont (the bridge). The themes are love, joy, and life.

The music is French Pop. The album has an impressive range of instruments: the piano, the guitar, the cabasa and the tambourinein sync with one another. The compositions are well-structured and incredible in tonality. The musical styles have a combination and influences of Quebec and Cuban/Spanish cultures, rich in rhythm and tone.  Cuba Libre (Free Cuba) has Cuban music in the background, which has a catchy sound. It’s a perfect piece to hear, especially with warmer days ahead. Je chante pour eux (I sing for them or on their behalf) has an incredible sound and rich in bold rhythmic transitions.  C’qu’on est devenus (what we became) has a vibrant catchy beat and makes us nostalgic for the days when we could hang out with family and friends. It has great use of the cabasa. There’s also a lovely ballad like the song Veux-tu faire ta vie avec moi  (Do you want to live your life with me?) has romantic music suitable for a wedding. The rhythm flows naturally throughout the record. 

Étienne Drapeau’s voice is beautiful, soft and smooth. He has a versatile vocal style. He sounds expressive when covering various topics from love to deep stories, such as Alzheimer’s.

The lyrics are romantic, profound or powerful. The album’s metaphors are clever and symbolic, such as l’île (the island) and le pont (the bridge). The island in the song Sur Mon Île (on my island) represents a world that belongs to the couple.  The piece Le Pont (the bridge) is a symbol of connection like between two cities, but in this case, between two people. The poetry is moving and heartwarming – it’s romantic, full of heart and soul. The songs have descriptive storytelling with impressive imagery and freestyle poetry, including Le Pont.   Veux-tu faire ta vie avec moi is the most romantic one, where it’s about a man proposing to his girlfriend, describing their future in beautiful detail. The sentimental songs are from the heart and so sweet.

       The songs also have the themes of compassion and the importance of family. An example of this is Je Serai Là (I will be there). It’s a heartfelt one dealing with Alzheimer’s. It’s about the challenges and struggles Alzheimer patients’ families face daily. It’s also a lesson in appreciating our loved ones and taking care of one another. The song has its heartache, but also love and hope. The words are well-written.
There’s also positivity throughout the album. The first example is La vie est faite pour s’aimer (Life is to love one another). To care for and love one another is a timeless topic, and it’s relevant now more than ever.  Je chante pour eux (I sing for them or on their behalf) is another example, and it’s inspirational. It teaches us to respect and honour those who were here before us and our families who did and still do so much for us. The song also shows to remember the history and legacy of those before us. That includes the reference to the Quiet Revolution of Quebec. Combien Tu Veux (How much do you want it for) is a sweet tune about how a smile is priceless yet more valuable than anything expensive.
Étienne Drapeau sings in French, but in Cuba Libre (Free Cuba), he sings the chorus in Spanish. It has a cheerful vibe.
The songs are rich in language and poetry – everything flows naturally and smoothly. The words are profound and soulful.

The album Le Pont is available.

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