Single Saturdays: Étienne Drapeau – Veux-tu faire ta vie avec moi ?

Canadian and Quebec singer Étienne Drapeau has released a new single entitled Veux-Tu Faire Ta Vie Avec Moi (Do you want to live your life with me?). The song is about a man who proposes to his girlfriend.

The music is French Pop/Musique Francophone. It’s an incredible and lovely ballad composed by Étienne Drapeau. He also plays the acoustic guitar in the background remarkably. The rhythm is fantastic and smooth. The music is romantic, which complements Valentine’s Day, Weddings and other sentimental occasions. Claude Bégin did an excellent job producing this heartwarming song. The song ends on a nice fade away of the guitar.

Étienne Drapeau’s voice is deep and soulful. He sings from the heart. He has a sweetness in his singing, profoundly expressing his love for his significant other.

The lyrics are romantic and sweet. The words are expressive and personal, making this song genuine and relatable. One can sense the commitment and love in this lovely tune. This single is well-written and full of hope for a bright future. The symbol of the Church not being big enough for their love is an excellent choice to represent how deep and big the man’s love is for his significant other/future spouse. The flow of the words is natural and easy to follow. The song is well-written and well-structured with freestyle writing.

The single  Veux-Tu Faire Ta Vie Avec Moi is available. 

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