Single Saturdays: Mai Farouk – Ah Ya Tayr

Egyptian singer Mai Farouk has a new single out entitled Ah Ya Tayr (oh the bird). The song is a metaphor for a love that went away, and the subject is praying for its return.

The music is Arabic Pop mixed with classical Arabic music, Tarab. Samer Abou Taleb composed the song with a remarkably intricate and flowy rhythm. It changes from slow to fast, and versa smooth. Omar Ismail arranged the tune with great precision. The piano, played by Mai Farouk (in the video), starts the song with a slow and soft sound. It then transitions to other instruments: the kanoun (played by Dr. Maged Sorour), the guitar (Moustafa Aslan), the violin (Fares Sakr) and the Nay, a middle-eastern flute (Mohamed Atef). The song parallels a piece from the 2000s entitled Ah ya ayn, performed by Egyptian artist Louai. The music is fantastic, and the composition is well-structured, rich in tonalities.

Mai Farouk’s voice is beautiful, smooth, and bold. Her vocal style parallels that of the late Sabah, with a modern twist. She sings with a great rhythm.

The lyrics are poetic and heartwarming. Mohamed Hassan Moawad wrote the song where each paragraph is four lines with impressive freestyle writing. The rhyme scheme is unique in its style because three out of four lines rhyme, yet the words are smooth and flowy. The bird represents so much, such as the change in season or the carrier-pigeon used to send messages. It’s a different way to cover the subject of heartbreak and separation. The words are well-written, full of heart and soul.

The single Ah Ya Tayr is available.

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