Laurence St-Martin’s Latest Album Prendre Le Temps

Canadian and Quebec artist Laurence St-Martin has released a new album entitled Prendre Le Temps (Taking the time). The themes are love, heartbreak and the journey of life.

The music is French Country. Laurence St-Martin plays her guitar remarkably, a trademark in her musical style. The album has a vibe of Quebec culture reflected in terms of the beat and traditional characteristics. There’s a mix of classical Quebec music and a modern Country sound. The rhythm is soothing, and that includes some whistling from various singers. There’s a cozy and intimate feel to the record. The flow of the music is natural and smooth.  

Laurence St-Martin’s voice is soft and beautiful. She sings from the heart and sounds expressive of various emotions- capturing the essence of each song. Her style is evolving magnificently.

The lyrics are romantic and touching. The album has an in-depth storytelling component that profoundly expresses Quebec’s culture in various ways, such as Salut, ça va (hellohow are you), Depuis Que T’es Là (Since you got here). The songs are full of emotion written in beautiful simplicity. The words are rich in imagery and language through impressive freestyle writing. Each piece covers the everyday situations and challenges that life throughs at us with positivity or inspires one to look at the good in life and grow as a person. 

The album Prendre Le Temps is available.

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