Single Saturdays: Denyzee – Diva ft. Kingdom Street

French singer Denyzee has a new single entitled Diva, featuring Kingdom Street. The song is about the lifestyle of celebrities and influencers, especially through social media.

The music is French Pop/Electric. Kingdom Street composed this piece with a modern sound and a catchy beat – the composition is intricate and bold. It parallels French Rap songs from the 90s, including Manau’s La Tribu de Dana (Dana’s tribe) and the dance songs heard in clubs, popular in the 2000s. The music goes from fast to slow and vice-versa and adjusts to Denyzee’s singing pace. 

Denyzee’s voice is edgy and rhythmic. She expresses the various clichés of social media and some of the rich and famous’s superficial lifestyle with precision. She covers the unrealistic expectations with intelligent irony.

The lyrics are thought-provoking and bold.  Denyzee, Pamela Lajoie, and Patrick Donovan wrote the song with a new perspective about the “diva” lifestyle. The message is essential and crucial in how appearances can be deceiving, not to believe everything you see. It’s relevant now more than ever. The song covers the challenges and the obsession with fame and likes on social media intelligently. The words are well-written and have a natural flow to them. This piece marks the strange era of social media and how almost none of it is genuine.  

The single Diva featuring Kingdom Street is available.

Side Note: There’s also an acoustic version of the song. 🙂

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