Nancy Ajram’s New Mother’s Day Single Emmi

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram has released a new single entitled Emmi (Mom/Mother or my mother). Mother’s Day in the Middle East takes place every year on March 21. This song is in honour of this special occasion.

The music is Arabic Pop. The composition sounds classical, parallel to Fariouz’s music. Yahia Al-Hassan composed the song with a beautiful rhythm and style. The instruments kanoun and lute, classics for Arabic music, complement the tune’s subject. The music is soothing and calming to the ears. It’s impressive to hear the smooth transition of beats and rhythm. The composition is magnificent and majestic, a lovely sound that genuinely honours all the mothers out there.

 Nancy Ajram’s voice is incredible and soulful. She sings from the heart as she honours her mother and all moms to celebrate Mother’s Day. The back-up singers add another impressive layer. Hearing the moms in the video is beautiful to hear. Nancy Ajram speaks sweet words to her mother.

The lyrics are sweet and heartwarming. There’s lovely poetry that honours mothers in this song. Emil Fahed wrote the words with heart and soul, expressing pure love to the moms out there – there’s a great depth. The tune has an incredible warmth. It’s always beautiful to hear a song that pays homage to mothers. These are wonderful women who do so much for their families. The words are well-written to express our love for our mothers.

The single Emmi is available.

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