Hailey Whitters’ Latest Album Living The Dream

The Dream-Deluxe Version

Hailey Whitters has a deluxe version of her album The Dream entitled Living The Dream. The themes are love, heartbreak, and storytelling.

The music is Country music – the album has a bold mix of old-school and modern styles. It parallels Country artists’ works, such as Shania Twain, Kacey Musgraves, and Faith Hill.

The bonus tracks of the record have a fantastic sound that complements the songs from the original version. Hailey Whitters plays her guitar nicely with great finesse. The happier tunes have an upbeat sound, whereas the pieces that cover the profound subject matter, such as Living The Dream and Heartland, have a slower rhythm to honour it. The compositions are incredible and well-structured. 

Hailey Whitters’ voice is beautiful and husky. She sounds rhythmic and captures the essence of each song. She sings from the heart.

The lyrics are romantic and poetic. The storytelling throughout the album is rich in emotion and full of depth that makes it genuine, from the heart.   Ten Year Town covers the challenges of the road to fame in great detail. Another example of storytelling is The Days is has a positive message of appreciating every day, every moment and every little thing with references to her personal life. Some impressive symbols and metaphors help convey the meaning of the songs. The piece Loose Strings represents the unfinished business of unresolved feelings from a past relationship.  Janice at the Hotel Bar is an in-depth story about Janice, a woman dealing with everyday life challenges with a thorough description. There are smart references or play on words, such as the tune Red Wine & Blue. The song Red Wine & Blue refers to dealing with heartbreak and possibly life in quarantine during the current COVID-19 Pandemic. There’s a fantastic range of subjects and stories, as well as positive messages about being happy, including the song Happy PeopleThe Faker is about a person not being honest and authentic. The tune expressed heartbreak with deep emotions and thought. The album is rich in language and poetry within well-written lyrics, full of soul and depth.

The album Living The Dream (Deluxe Edition of The Dream).

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