Single Saturdays: Brittany Kennell – Spade

Canadian singer Brittany Kennell has released a new single entitled Spade. The song tells the story of a woman proceeding in a new relationship but with caution. 

The music is Country. The sound is catchy and rhythmic. The song parallels Shania Twain’s classic hits, such as I’m Gonna Getcha Good and Don’t Be Stupid (You Know I Love You). Mario Telaro is fantastic at playing the drums in this incredible tune. Props to the producer John Anthony Gagnon-Robinette with the creation of the excellent composition. The upbeat sound complements the song’s vibe and story of a girl taking charge of her life, including relationships.

Brittany Kennell’s voice is bold and husky. She sings with confidence and passion. She is not afraid to speak her mind in this song.

The lyrics are empowering and inspirational. Britanny Kennell and Tori Tullier wrote the song and did a fantastic job. The card game references, including “calling your bluff” (poker), joker, queen and the song’s title Spade. The expression used, “Let’s call a spade a spade,” is about being honest and authentic, which the song describes well. Those are metaphors for dealing with whatever life may throw at us. The words are well-written and flow naturally. 

The single Spade is available.

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