Myëlle’s Latest Album Enchantée

Canadian singer Myëlle has released a new album entitled Enchantée (enchanted)The themes are women’s empowerment and the journey through life. 

The music is French Pop. The sound is modern and eclectic, with some slow tones in between. The guitar and the piano add to the lovely compositions of the album. It parallels the works of Marie-Mai and Arianne Moffet. The music has a bold mix of the 90s/early 2000s Dance sounds and a contemporary beat. The rhythm is impressive and flows naturally. 

Myëlle’s voice is bold. Her singing reminds me of Marie-Mai’s vocal style, mixed with her technique. Her vocal range is fantastic and rhythmic, with smooth transitions.

The lyrics are poetic and inspirational. Myëlle has a great variety of subject matters throughout her album. She covers women’s empowerment in various ways, including lovely poetry, rich in poetic language (French and English), including the song Sweet Woman Rising Strong and Enchantée. The tune Sweet Woman Rising Strong’s empowerment is relevant, especially in this day and age, where young women gain recognition more and more. The words are soulful and well-written. Her lyrical style parallels that of Sheryl Crow, Natalie Imbruglia, and Arianne Moffat. The metaphors throughout the record have an incredible depth to them.

The album Enchantée is available.

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