Single Saturdays: Hany Shaker Ba’ali Kteer

Egyptian singer Hany Shaker has released entitled Baqali Kteer or Ba’ali Kteer (So much left or a lot left to say/do). The song is from a two-part story – the first part from the man’s perspective where he tries to win back the woman he loves after a betrayal. Part two is Carole Samaha’s song Shokran (Thank you).

The music is Arabic Pop. Samer Abou Taleb composed the song with a lovely modern sound combine with the classical Arabic music style Tarab. Omar Ismail, the one in charge of the ballad’s arrangement, did a fantastic job through its intricate structure and bold rhythm. The violin and the piano play an essential role in the song’s mood of heartbreak and sadness. The music is beautiful to hear and has a nostalgic element to it.

Hany Shaker’s voice is deep and husky. He sings with genuine emotions of remorse and sadness for the pain he caused to the woman he loves. He has a remarkably wavy rhythm to his vocal style.

The lyrics are touching and nostalgic. The song expresses the man’s desperate attempt to win back the woman he cares about profoundly while remembering the happier times. The freestyle rhyming is incredible. Ehab Abdel Azim captures the sadness and a little glimmer of hope in saving the relationship and not giving up. The words are intricate and well-written, rich in language and poetry. 

The single Ba’ali Kteer is available.

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