Ahlam’s Tarab Album Fedwat Oyounak Part 2

Ahlam’s album Fedwat Oyounak (giving my eyes) Part two has the same themes as part one, love and heartbreak. 

The music is Arabic Tarab (Classical Arabic music). The sound is tribal, catchy and bold, with a modern twist. There’s also a nostalgic touch that adds depth to the album. The song  Ashan Ettoub, in the beginning, parallels Celine Dion’s classic hit Amour ou Amitié (Love or Friendship). The compositions are well-structured, rich in rhythm and tonalities.

Ahlam’s voice is bold and incredible. She sings from the heart with soul and passion.

The lyrics are poetic and intricate. The songs are rich in language, with well-written words and impressive metaphors throughout the album. The tunes have an even more profound sentiment in comparison to part one. The symbolism complements the meaning and essence of each song nicely. The lyrics have an incredible depth to them, expressing deep emotions. The poetic style is freestyle with a natural flow that’s easy to follow. 

The album  Fedwat Oyounak Part 2 is available.

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