Single Saturdays: Carole Samaha -Shokran

Lebanese singer Carole Samaha has released a new single entitled Shokran (Thank you). The song is a continuation or interconnected with Hany Shaker’s single Ba’ali Kteer. The story, in this context, is from the woman’s perspective, where she feels heartbroken and betrayed by the man she loves.

The music is Arabic Pop. Like Hany Shaker’s single  Ba’ali Kteer, it also has the classical Arabic Tarab sound. Yusuf Demircol composed the ballad with an incredible and rhythmic sound. The darbakeh and the lute complement the song’s mood and vibe nicely. Diab Mekari did remarkable work with the musical notes’ structural arrangement and added a modern touch to this single. Özgür Yurtoğlu was in charge of the mastering, and he did a fantastic job. The rhythm is wavy, going up and down to express the woman’s mixed emotions about her situation, which is well-done.

Carole Samaha’s voice is deep and soulful. She sings with heart and passion the pain she feels, full of raw emotion. Her vocal range in this song is bold and reaches new levels.

The lyrics are relatable and full of depth. The song expresses the deep pain and sorrow felt by the woman. The rhyming in this tune has a well-structured freestyle writing, where three or four lines rhyme together in harmony. Ahmed Merzouk captures the essence of the song with perfection and precision. The emotions are raw and powerful in this single. The tune expresses how many of us have felt in this scenario. The words are well-written and from the heart.

The single Shokran is available.

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